We give you Accurate Data Analysis and Reports about your business


By partnering and retaining only the best, most reliable in-market representatives, Venn Market Data is able to provide near real-time, accurate data and reporting.


Point of sale experience data provides you the tools to effect real, meaningful change in your business, powering achievement of even your most ambitious business goals.


Venn Market Data's expertise spans decades, across a variety of industries. Providing on-time, accurate, point of sale customer experience data in actionable, easy to understand reporting.

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Our steps as easy...


We will work with you to either select, or borrow from one of our pre-defined programs, or design an entirely custom program to target the specific areas of interest to you and your business.


We will deploy our in-market representatives to acquire the data for scenario(s) determined during design phase, at the schedule required.


We will analyze, confirm data, and deliver reporting to you in the time frame and manner required to provide you the best tool for the greatest impact to your business. All in as timely a manner as possible.



Working with your team(s), we will design the appropriate program to meet your target goal(s). The right program for meaningful, on time data that will make a difference in your business.

Data Collection

We deploy the appropriate data collection methodologies to meet your scenario(s), In-Person, Telephonic and Electronic.

Service Compliance

Benefit from our objective, third party verification of any Corporate, Government, UL, Joint Commission, and/or other mandated compliance regulations and/or standards to which you require compliance, both internally and extend externally to vendors and/or contractors.

Quality Recognition

By deploying the program appropriate for your scenario(s), we can help promote and further Quality performance in your team and/or process.

Quality Improvement Opportunity

With the right program and approach, we can help identify opportunities for improvement in staff and/or process, in an objective, professional manner focusing more on improvement and less on blame.

Provider Integrity

If you have vendors and/or contractors who help you provide service and/or products to your customers, we can help confirm the integrity of their service on your behalf.

Product, Process or Service Introduction Verification

Test the limits of new processes, new product or service launch or verify the ongoing integrity of existing process. Put our team and network of objective evaluators to work for you.

Competitive Edge

Let us bring you the competitive knowledge you need to successfully compete in your market(s). By understanding your competitors’ weaknesses, and strengths, we can help you move the needle in the right direction

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